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Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce

Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce

Producer Membership

Producer Life Membership

As an umbrella organization of the Malayalam entertainment industry, the Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce (MFTC) plays a key role in the welfare of the people in the entertainment industry. It insists on following good practices, blends professionalism with knowledge, expertise, skills, experience and innovation and works for the growth and reputation of the Film and Television industry.
MFTC stands for Artistes, Technicians, Producers, Distributors and Exhibitors. Each Artist, Technician, Producer, Distributor and Exhibitor plays an important and influential role in the making of a Film or TV serial. The Writer and Producer are essential people in the entertainment industry. But now the Writers and Producers feel that their worth is not acknowledged or highlighted with the result the general public is not aware of the vital role they play in the Malayalam Film and TV industry. MFTC believes that they must get their due respect, recognition and importance in all respect.
Actors, Technicians, Distributors and Exhibitors are equally important in the Film and Television industry. But their work can begin only if there is a good story and even more important than that, an individual or organization willing to finance the process of turning it into a movie. Finance is of paramount importance.

A Producer needs to have a thorough grasp of the various areas of film making right from choice of the story, script, director and the cast to the nitty-gritty of preproduction, production, post production, marketing, distribution, release et al. The Producer along with the Director should have complete control over the team of professionals. A film Producer can work for a Production Company or independently to oversee the various aspects of film or television production. In Malayalam Film and Television industry a Producer working for a Production Company is hitherto unknown.

Like Artistes and Technicians a Producer also should get his salary. The Return of Investment (ROI) is an important theory in economics. ROI is generally defined as the ratio of net profit over the total cost of the investment. ROI is most useful to business goals when it refers to something concrete and measurable, to identify your investment’s gains and financial returns.

When we aim high at a career, we must acquire substantial academic qualifications, subject knowledge, an open mind and broad attitude to adapt various situations and learn skills, undergo training, understand and implement innovations in the work place. A Producer should be constantly updated about the developments in the entertainment industry.
MFTC encourages and helps women to become Producers. The educated women are masters in multi-tasking, overall management including finance and can do things in an organized manner. If trained and guided properly, they can come out with flying colours as Producers.
MFTC organizes special workshops and training programmes for new Producers

Who can become a Producer Life Member?

Any Film and Television Producing Company, Partnership firm, Private Limited or Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership Company, Society or Organization, the proprietor of a firm or an Individual above 18 years is eligible to become a Producer Life Member of the Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce.
The Producer Membership registration, Banner Registration, CBFC related documents application and all other services are hassle-free and can be done online from anywhere in the world sitting in the comfort of your home, office or work place round the clock. The Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce will accept only online membership applications as the digital mode has obvious advantages.

Salient Features of Producer Life Membership

The Producer Life Membership is valid lifelong for a Proprietorship firm or individual. The Producer Life Member can apply only one Banner. The registration of Banner is to be done within 120 days of becoming a Producer Life Member and it is absolutely FREE. If the Banner registration is delayed for any reason, a late fee of ₹ 2,000 is to be paid for the late registration. If the Producer fails to register the Banner, even after paying the late fee, within one year, the Producer Membership will get cancelled automatically.
For changing the Banner name to another one by an individual, Proprietorship firm, valid Company or Partnership firm, an amount of ₹ 25,000 is to be paid for the change.
If any additional Banner is to be registered by an individual, Proprietorship, Partnership firm, Private Limited or Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership firm, Society or Organization, a new membership application is necessary after paying the prevailing fees. For any name changes in the existing Banner due to change of ownership, a new application is necessary with payment of the prevailing fees.
A Film Producer should give ₹ 2,000 for registering the Title of the Film or TV serial subject to the conditions explained in the respective Title Registration page.
The current fees for Producer Life Membership is ₹ 50,000

Advantages of MFTC Producer Life Membership

  • FREE online Banner registration within 120 days of taking the Producer Membership.
  • FREE Publicity Designs Clearance Certificate as part of the certification process with the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). The publicity designs are cleared and endorsed by the Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce at the earliest subject to the established norms, practices and guidelines of the film industry.
  • After completing the post production work of a film, the Producer Member can make an online application for Film Completion Certificate absolutely FREE for the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).
  • Access to exclusive programmes like MFTC Mentoring.
  • Automatic receipt of Job Bulletins that match your requirements of products and services and skill and background of Artistes and Technicians through Hire MFTC, a concierge service for producers.
  • Inclusion in MFTC’s Member Directory, accessible only to MFTC members. A great way to crew up and find creative collaborators! 
  • Access to physical and digital screeners during awards season.
  • Exclusive discounts on industry services and events
  • Year-round invitations to pre-release screenings and Question and Answer sessions (predominantly in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram when in person). Accessible to all when virtual.
  • Free access to the majority of MFTC events.
  • Discounts on MFTC programmes, events and conferences.
  • Complimentary subscription to MFTC digital magazine.
  • Being part of a valuable network of working professionals in film, television and new media.
For any queries and clarifications, please email to
Always remember to pay the appropriate fees and fill up the correct payment reference number before submitting the respective application form. The Membership Fee once paid will not be refunded, transferred or adjusted.
The Producer Member can only vote for sector specific elections and not for the Managing Committee elections of the MFTC. However, the Managing Committee and Board of Directors can co-opt or nominate maximum two Producer Members as per the discretionary powers vested with them for the vacant posts in the Managing Committee.
Please Click Here for Producer Membership Application Form.