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Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce

Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce

Student Membership

Student Membership of Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce

Students who have attained the age of 18 years and are studying in any college, institute, academy or film and television institute or academy or school can apply for Student Membership in the Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce. People who are working as apprentices in the Film and Television industry, as Designer Assistant, Advertisement Assistant and Technician Assistant are also eligible for Student Membership.

A copy of the Identity card issued by the college, institute, academy or film and television institute is to be submitted together with other documents while submitting the membership application. In case of apprentices and assistants, a recommendation letter on the letterhead of the institution or from the immediate Supervisor / Superintendent / Manager/Principal/Director is to be submitted along with the application.

Advantages of Student Membership

1. MFTC Student Membership is affordable and has the additional benefit of a fee concession.
2. Simple online application process and less documentation.
3. No prior experience in the chosen field is required for applying as a student member.
4. The MFTC will conduct mentorship programmes for Student Members.
5. If the membership card is lost, damaged, has a faded photo or needs the change of address, only ₹ 200 will be charged for the issue of a new membership card.
6. Access to member-exclusive webinars, online programmes and seminars and platforms where members can interact with peers, subject experts and leaders on key subject areas of the entertainment industry.
7. The Student Members are eligible for special concessions and discounts for MFTC organized programmes, shows, events, functions, workshops, training programmes and courses and books published by it.
8. Students between the age of 18 and 30 can apply for Student Membership.
9. The Student Members get the opportunity for networking, interacting with celebrities and peers in the entertainment industry. Thus even newcomers get more opportunities to learn a lot, more exposure and right guidance and advice to plan and shape their goals.
10. The MFTC Student Membership is prestigious.
11. MFTC will help a certain number of deserving students who are economically backward get free or sponsored Student Membership. Such students may please send their details to
12. MFTC will provide the student members with opportunities to understand and work in a real film or television production set. Also MFTC will assist student members to act or do other types of work in any project directly or indirectly associated with Malayalam Films, Uroob Cinema and related organizations.

Students between the age of 18 and 30 can apply for three years’ one-time non-renewable membership at concessional rate. The introductory offer of Student Membership is ₹ 4,000.

Always remember to pay the appropriate fees first and fill up the correct payment reference number before submitting the application form.
The Student Members can only vote for sector specific elections and not for the Managing Committee elections of the MFTC. However, the Managing Committee and Board of Directors can co-opt or nominate maximum two Student Members as per the discretionary powers vested with them for the vacant posts in the Managing Committee.
The writer Student Member can register online story title, one line of story and script by paying appropriate fees. The Membership Fee once paid will not be refunded, transferred or adjusted.
Please Click Here for Student Membership Application Form.