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Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce

Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce

V.G.K. Menon (Sathrughnan)

He was born on 26th August 1947 to Kollath Madhava Menon and Vengalil Nanikkutty Amma. His official name is V. Govindan Kutyy Menon and Sathrughnan is his pen name.  His schooling was at Govt. High School Pattambi and continued his studies at Guruvayurappan College, Kozhikode. In 1966 he got his degree from Kerala University. He started his career with the public limited company FACT in 1966 till 1976. After this he pursued his career abroad starting with Al Rashid Trading Company, Abu Dhabi from 1976 to 1978 and then moving to Union Bank of Oman, Muscat from 1978 to 1988.

Returning home in 1988 he worked as Sub Editor, Periodicals at Mathrubhumi Publications, Kozhikode till 1996. Sathrughnan has been active in the Malayalam Literary field from 1968 and has written 27 books. He penned a total of 15 scripts for movies and four television serials in Malayalam.

His first Short Story collection Nizhalum Nizhalum was published in 1971. He got married in 1978. Wife: Ammu Menon. Daughter: Vinaya Menon. Son-in-Law: Bhavesh Shah. Granddaughter: Anamika Menon Shah.

Short Story Collections

  • Nizhalum Nizhalum(1971)
    (Collection of five Short Stories named Nizhalum, Nirangal, Avasa, Yanthrangal and Thetukal. Copies not available)
  • Aakasaththinte Mownam (1979)
    (Sixteen Stories illustrating images of individual griefs and troubles)
  • Eesvaranum Indiayum Matum (1983)
    (Fourteen Stories that deal with the many desires and sadnesses of people)
  • Seetha Varendaayirunnu (1990).
    (Collection of twelve stories with a new approach to the life styles of modern men and women.)
  • Kamal Pole Kamini (1992).
    (Nine stories that allow the readers to interpret and expand them in their minds.)
  • Samantharangal (1994)
    (The collection which received the Kerala Sahithya Academy Award)
  • Pappaththikkalam (1996)
    (Sixteen stories with characters who respond in various ways.)
  • Bhadram Surakshitham (2010)
    (A collection of ten stories that portray the beautiful moments of life.)
  • Shatrughnante SampoorNa kathakal (2012)
  • Kathanavakam (2017)
    (Nine selected stories that show the trends in Malayalam Short Stories during a period.)


  • Puzhayude Perormayilla(2000)
    (Two short novels that float on the waves of romantic beauty).
  • Anamika (2000, 2017)
    (Story of the missing sister who had no name.
  • Damsam (2018)
    Story of a girl who dared to throw ink at a cruel man.)
  • Sathrughnante Novellakal (2012)
    (Collection of six novelettes)


  • Etho Oru Divasam(1983)
    (A father with the burning memories of his son)
  • Parunth Paranna Dooram(1991)
    (The story of a transplanted teenage girl who moved in on the rainy night)
  • Achuthan Kuttettante Makkal (2010)
    (The story of a boy and the story of two sisters)
  • Bharathajathakam (2014)
    (Narration of Ramayana through the eyes of Bharatha, son of Kaikeyi).
  • Kalama (2018)
    (The novel that travels through the boundary of truth and dream).
  • Bharatha’s Destiny (2018)
    (Translation of Bharathajathakam)

Children’s Literature 

  • Kadha Parayum Shirass(2016)
    (Story of Barbarikka, son of the Mahabharata character Ghatokulcha.)


  • Oru Janmam Koodi(1992)
    (Translation of PN Hakser.)
  • Sathyabhama(1992)
  • Mayamurali(1994)
  • Madhurapuri (1997)
    (The Book that received the Translation Award of Central Sahitya Academy).
  • Bheemasenan (2004)
    (Translations of four books in Kulapathi K.M Munshi’s Krishnavathara stories).


  • Shreekrishnacharitham Manipravalam(2007)
    (An independent interpretation for Kunchan Nambiar’s famous work).


  • Marubhoomiyum Swapnangalum (1996)
    (About the life in the Gulf Countries).

Movie Scripts

  • Ea Puzhayum Kadannu (1996)
  • Kaliyoonnal(1997)
  • Nakshathrathaaratt(1999)
  • Niram(1999)
  • Sparsham(2000)
  • Ingane Oru Nilapakshi(2000)
  • Sahayathrikaykk Snehapoorvam(2000)
  • Nakshathrangal Parayathirunnath(2001)
  • Puthooram Puthri Unniyarcha(2002)
  • Melvilasam Shariyaan(2003)
  • Atheetham(2007)
  • Pathaam Adhyaayam(2001)
  • Sadhgamaya(2010)
  • Paavakkinavu(2010)
  • Avarude Veedu(2013)

Serial Scripts

  • Shree Guruvayoorappan(2009)
  • Aadhiparakshakthi(2010)
  • Swamiye Sharanamayyappa(2011)
  • ShreeKrishnan(2011)


  • Kerala Sahithya Academy Award in 1994(Samantharangal)
  • Central Sahithya Academy Award for Translation in 1998 (Mathurapuri)
  • S.K Pottekkatt Award(Paappathikkalam)
  • Vaikom Muhammad Basheer Award(Total contribution)
  • V.T award
  • Sahrudhaya Vedi Award (Seetha Varendathayirunnu)

Positions Held

From 2002 to 2006 he was the chairman of Kunchan Nambiar Memorial (State Kerala Department of Culture) at Killikkurussimangalam in Palakkad. He was a member of the Executive Committee of Malayalam Cine Technicians Association (MACTA). He was the chairman of juries in Kerala State Television Award. He was also a member of the Jury of Central Sahitya Academy and a jury of Kerala Sahitya Academy Award.

The Malayalam Film and TV Chamber of Commerce is truly privileged to have a writer of such eminence as V.G.K. Menon (Sathrughnan) as the Advisory Board Member.