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Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce

Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce

Distributor and Exhibitor Membership

Distributor and Exhibitor Membership in the Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce

People who are above 18 years and engaged in Film Distribution, Marketing, and Digital Streaming on demand Platform owners and Theatre owners are considered for Distributor and Exhibitor Membership. The Over-the-Top (OTT) Platform owners are also considered for Distributor and Exhibitor Membership. It is open for any proprietorship firm (by an individual), Individual business person, Corporate Conglomerate or Association or Organization or Institute or Academy.
The Distributors, Theatre owners and now the OTT platforms play a vital role in Film Distribution and Exhibition.
Being an umbrella organization of Malayalam entertainment industry, the Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce (MFTC) plays a key role in the entertainment industry. It also looks after the welfare of people in the entertainment industry and helps to follow good practices for the growth and reputation of the industry. MFTC blending professionalism with knowledge, expertise, skills, experience and innovation and works for Film and Television industry.
MFTC stands for Artistes, Technicians, Producers, Distributors and Exhibitors. Each segment of people plays an important and influential role in the making of a Film or TV serial. Other than Writers and Producers obviously Actors, Technicians, Distributors and Exhibitors are equally important in the Film and Television industry. However, without a Writer and Producer no Film or Television serial can happen.
MFTC encourages and helps more women to come into the field of Production, Distribution and Exhibition. The educated women are masters in multi-tasking, overall management including finance and do things in an organized manner. If trained and guided properly, they can come out with flying colours.
The Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce will accept only online Distributor and Exhibitor Membership application as online mode has obvious advantages.
The membership application can be sent by anyone at any time round the clock from anywhere in the world and it will save time, money and avoid sending application form and documents in physical form by post or courier.
Please read the eligibility criteria for and the benefits of membership. Also read the Byelaws of the Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce.
The current fees for Distributor and Exhibitor Life Membership is ₹ 50,000

Advantages of MFTC Distributor and Exhibitor Membership

1. Since the Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce is the only umbrella organization of the Malayalam entertainment industry registered with the Central Government as a Non-Profit Organization under Section 8 Company, MFTC Distributor and Exhibitor Members become part of a valuable network of working professionals in film, television and the digital new media. They can interact with different segments of people of the entertainment industry such as Artistes, Technicians, Producers fellow Distributors and Exhibitors and evolve common policies, standards and practices. In a united way they can persuade the State and Central governments to introduce new acts and policies that can benefit the Malayalam entertainment industry.
2. They can take part directly and indirectly in all the MFTC programmes like training, mentoring and various projects.
3. Year-round invitations to pre-release screenings and Question and Answer sessions (predominantly in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram when in person). Accessible to all when virtual.
4. Privileged seats to MFTC shows, events and programmes.
5. Exclusive discounts on industry services and events.
6. Free access to the majority of MFTC events.
7. Discounts on MFTC programmes, events and conferences.
8. Sponsorship opportunities like Student Membership, Women Producer Mentoring, Artistes and Technician Mentoring programmes.
9. Access to exclusive MFTC programmes.
10. Complimentary subscription to MFTC digital magazine.
For any queries and clarifications, please email to
Always remember to pay the appropriate fees and fill up the correct payment reference number before submitting the respective application form.

The Membership Fee once paid will not be refunded, transferred or adjusted
The Distributor and Exhibitor Member can only vote for sector specific elections and not for the Managing Committee elections of the MFTC. However, the Managing Committee and Board of Directors can co-opt or nominate maximum two Distributor and Exhibitor Members as per the discretionary powers vested with them for the vacant posts in the Managing Committee.
Please Click Here for Distributor and Exhibitor Membership Application Form.