Malayalam Film Television Chamber of Commerce Membership

Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce will accept only online membership applications as online mode has obvious advantages.

The membership application can be sent by anyone at any time round the clock from anywhere in the world and it will save time, money and avoid sending application form and documents in physical form by post or courier.
Please read the eligibility criteria for and benefits of membership. Also read the Bye-laws of the Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce.

Type of Membership

1. Annual Membership – Artist and Technician – ₹ 2,000
2. Life Membership – Artist and Technician – ₹ 20,000
3. Life Membership – Others – Individual, Corporate and Organization – ₹ 50,000
4. Benefactor Life Membership – Producer and Others – ₹ 50,000

All artists or aspiring artists and technicians or assistants in the Film and Television industry are considered for Artist Membership and issued the Artist Membership Card. All others come under Benefactor category and issued Membership Card accordingly. The Benefactor Members can only vote for sector specific elections and not for the Managing Committee elections of the MFTC. However, the Managing Committee and Board of Directors can co-opt or nominate Benefactor Members or Corporate Members as per the discretionary powers vested with them for the vacant posts subject to a maximum 1/3rd of the total Managing Committee strength.

The writer life member can register story title, story, one line of story and script absolutely FREE.

Henceforth for Annual Membership the period will be calculated as per the Financial Year, i.e. from the current year April to the following year March. In other words if an Artist or Technician is applying for an annual membership in the month of January, the membership period will automatically expire on 31st March and the membership should be renewed before the expiry for continued membership. The Annual Membership applicants are requested to apply in the month of April to avoid the reduction in the membership period. The Membership Fee once paid will not be refunded or adjusted.

Please Click Here for online membership application form.
The Annual Membership shall be suspended from November to March.

MFTC Id Card Specimen (For representation purpose only)