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Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce

Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce

Membership Benefits

Benefits of Joining the Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce

The Times call for Desperate Measures and the Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce being meticulous about the procedures has made headway as a reliable artists card association that helps safeguard your rights and work. Alertness is the major component in the glamour industry as there are swindlers trying to lure artists with promises of work and money surely.

For every person looking forward to entering the Cine Industry or Struggling hard to get a chance needs to have two essentials: a stunning portfolio and an artiste card or what is commonly known as a Cine Artiste Card. No matter who you are, whether a daily wage earner , laborer or junior artist or a stunning lead film actor, in Cine Industry you need to have a legally valid artiste card for safeguarding your security .Hence, for all these categories of cine professionals and workers, the Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce is no less than a bonanza.

Primarily, an artiste card is a requirement as it offers a protection to an artiste’s main interests like daily wages, working hours, provident fund, basic rights, etc. An MFTC member can sue the union if one is a registered junior artist with a Mollywood artiste card in case the casting director, casting agency, artiste coordinator or a production house demands overtime work without any overtime pay or in the event of any unwanted situation.

When a large production house requires a huge number of junior artistes, the authentic organizations produce these cards and the Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce being a reliable artiste organization approved by the Government of India, Government of Kerala, Government of Maharashtra, Government of Tamil Nadu and other state governments serves the needs of its members and handles grievances to the best of its capacity.

  • MFTC looks after the needy and elderly MFTC members by providing a form of pension, medical aid and scholarship for their children. MFTC takes care not only of its members but also their families.
  • MFTC gives Authorized legal artiste ID card that a member can present as work ID anywhere in India.
  • It holds free television and film based workshops for members.
  • Fee concessions for MFTC conducted film courses, webinars, seminars and events.
  • It guides members to find work and platform according to their profiles.
  • It makes free of cost enquiries on behalf of the members and helps them to find jobs related to media/industry.
  • It provides work security through registering with the Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce.
  • It tries to provide a private panel for film audition details, film tenders, film awards or exhibition & film financiers free of cost.
  • MFTC can investigate the matter about non-paying in accordance with the work.
  • MFTC creates Networking opportunities with like-minded people and develops cooperative alliances.
  • It provides time to time news/interview article folio coverage in Malayalam Films e-magazine absolutely free.
  • Student members get the opportunity for networking, interacting with celebrities and peers in the entertainment industry. Thus even newcomers get more opportunities to learn many things, more exposure and a means to shape their goals.
  • MFTC conducts Mentoring programmes and acting workshops for members.
  • MFTC organizes Medical Camps and Health Awareness Programmes

A vast difference between reel and real life. Reel is what an actor portrays on screen and real is what life makes happen. In cinema there are two types of films: first those that employ the resources of the theatre and use the camera to reproduce and second the ones that employ the resources of cinematography and use the camera to create”. In the whole process of catering the demands of the members the major responsibility lies in maintain harmony among its members.