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Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce

Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce

Murali Mattummal

Murali Mattummal is a Director at Ronak Media Services, Guru Advertising and Woodapple Media Companies and he has the experience of over two decades with leading teams of some of the topmost advertising agencies in India.

Apart from being an astute businessman, Murali is also a film producer and actor. In 2016 he started his own production company, Aaj Films. He has produced two short films and acted in four. His themes are based on social causes targetted at creating public awareness. The viewership of his Hindi short film “Lonely couple’s First Kiss Turns into a Nightmare” has crossed 170 lakhs.

As a feature film producer Murali has produced two Malayalam films and they are landmarks in Malayalam cinema. The first feature film was “Aedan” (Garden of Desire) directed by Sanju Surendran which has fetched two international and four state awards. The second feature film was “Pathirakalam” directed by national award winner Priyanandanan.

Besides holding the post of Vice President of The Indian People’s Theatre Association, Kerala (Mumbai Chapter), Murali Mattummal is also the Vice President of the Malayalam Film and Television Chamber of Commerce.